What influences bacterial growth

Lacoma, Tyler. They obtain energy only by fermentation and are known as obligate fermenters.

17.2: Factors that Influence Bacterial Growth

Microorganisms also prefer a certain pH level in the substance or environment in which they grow--that is, they prefer to have particular acidic qualities in their surroundings.

Their optimum growth temperature is between 70C and 110C.

what influences bacterial growth

Chemolithoautotrophs use inorganic compounds such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur, ammonia, nitrites, hydrogen gas, or iron as an energy source and carbon dioxide as their main carbon source. Photoheterotrophs use light as an energy source but cannot convert carbon dioxide into energy. There are many microorganisms that require an oxygen-rich environment to survive, but others actually flourish in low-oxygen surroundings.

what influences bacterial growth

In terms of osmosis, solute refers to all the molecules or ions dissolved in the water the solvent. Some like high pH levels, but most often, if conditions are too acidic, then the organism's enzymes break down.

Factor affecting bacterial growth

All microorganisms require some level of water, but a few can survive in low-moisture conditions by conserving all the water they find and by staying in a moisture-rich environment.

Most bacteria are facultative anaerobes.

Microbial Growth (Temperature)

In addition to water, microorganisms usually require the presence of certain elements in the air--gases that they absorb to produce needed nutrients. While free, unbound water molecules are small enough to pass through membrane pores, water molecules bound to solute are not see Fig.

what influences bacterial growth

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what influences bacterial growth

Others include elements such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Chemotrophs use the oxidation and reduction of chemical compounds as their primary energy source. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Flash animation showing osmosis in a hypertonic environment. These environments vary as much as the organisms do themselves, and even the amount and distribution of elements in any particular environment can be very important. Mesophiles are bacteria that grow best at moderate temperatures.

what influences bacterial growth

Nitrogen is one necessary element, as is oxygen. Skip to content Home About.