What is moiras son called in emmerdale

Emmerdale spoilers: Moira Dingle stunned by son's arrival as things turn NASTY with Cain

Most Read Most Recent. Luckily, Moira walks through the door just in time before the situation turns any worse on the ITV soap. Instantly recognising the ashen young man as her daughter, Moira is stunned to discover that Hannah chose to have a sex change without telling her.

Coronation Street: Only is it when Moira bursts through the door that Matty's identity is revealed - he is her son who is going through gender reassignment and is now living as a man. This message should only be removed by an Administrator. Subscribe to our Soaps newsletter Enter email Subscribe.

The father of Moira Barton's baby has been revealed...

Contents [ show ]. Before long, Aaron was causing trouble at Butler's by setting fire to a haystack, culminating in John locking Aaron in a barn. Matty tries to explain his decision but his mother is left upset with the situation. You can help Emmerdale Wiki by adding it.

what is moiras son called in emmerdale

Matty then decided to leave Emmerdale with his elder sister Holly who was heading to London with her friend Roz Fielding. Coronation Street spoilers: Coronation Street Coronation Street's Rana makes emotional wedding decision ahead of shock death The character, played by Bhavna Limbachia, will be killed off around the time of her wedding to Kate Connor.

Holly also started using heroin as she became involved in the club scene.

what is moiras son called in emmerdale

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what is moiras son called in emmerdale

So when Matty reappeared, as a transgender man rather than the girl Moira remembered, things went very badly between them, as he admitted his transitioning was the real reason he hadn't been around for Holly's funeral or various occasions.

The Bartons are a family who have appeared in Emmerdale since 2009.

what is moiras son called in emmerdale

The Bartons seemed a close-knit, hard-working bunch and were keen to get down to business and make Butler's a truly family business, although they kept Andy on as a farmhand. Holly became interested in Aaron, who had already been dating Victoria for a bit. He told his mum he couldn't come to the funeral as he was doing charity work abroad, which upset his half-brother Adam, and he then said he could't spend Christmas with them either.

Moira became steadily more enraged as she learned more about Matty, and in the end said he is nothing like her daughter, who would not have lied and kept away for all these years.

More On Emmerdale Soap operas Transgender. Emma fell off the bridge last week Credit: Not only does this surprise Cain but it leaves his girlfriend Harriet wondering whether their relationship can make it through the latest revelation.

what is moiras son called in emmerdale