What yoga moves to avoid during pregnancy

what yoga moves to avoid during pregnancy

The early part of this trimester before week ten has the highest risk for miscarriage, so physical activity during this period should encourage an optimal environment in the uterus to insure implantation of the embryo and proper attachment of the placenta.

Avoid Overstretching.

Teaching Prenatal Yoga: What You Need to Know about the First Trimester

Types of Poses. Reason to avoid: Milder inversions with head below the heart such as downward dog and separate leg forward fold are fine, but if you experience nausea or feel discomfort when bringing head down, either come out of the pose early or refrain from practicing it. This asana needs precise balancing, and lack of practice could lead to injury to yourself and the fetus.

By this time, your baby has achieved all the developmental milestones and is ready to enter the new world. As always, consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any type of exercise program during pregnancy.

Ten Yoga Poses to Avoid During Pregnancy

Avoid Excessive Twisting Poses. During exercise, this can lead to lowered blood pressure and dizziness. How do you plan on having a fit pregnancy?

Always consult your doctor before trying any poses. From an emotional perspective , prenatal yoga helps to create mental space for reflection and cultivating connection with that deep intuitive self that is necessary for mamas when riding the turbulent waves of childbirth and beyond in a conscious and loving way.

It is best to refrain from closed twists think revolved triangle, lunge , which are optimal for the nonpregnant body as they work to compress and cleanse the internal organs.

what yoga moves to avoid during pregnancy

Before you jump into a yoga practice, however, here are a few things to keep in mind: The first three months of pregnancy are especially taxing. Science of Meditation. An experienced yogini in her second pregnancy can handle a lot more than a first-time mother who has never done yoga, but you should be aware of the essential modifications to apply to both.

Nonetheless, should you have questions, it is always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider or a yoga instructor knowledgeable with modifications for pregnant women. Breath retention practices like kumbhaka pranayama should also be avoided during pregnancy.

Yoga Anatomy.

what yoga moves to avoid during pregnancy

Prenatal Yoga: Due to chronic morning sickness and fatigue, and towards the end of my pregnancy significant swelling in my feet and ankles, I did not have the energy for a vigorous practice. A pregnant woman in her first trimester should be able to do most basic yoga poses, but it is crucial that she listen to her body and respect when she feels like exercise and when she just needs to rest.

If your body is changing then the exercising needs to change too, in order to be in sync with your changing body. Fortunately for me, way more than a few women with beautiful baby bumps found their way into my classes, forcing me to get out of my comfort zone and learn how to work with women through all three trimesters of pregnancy. Always talk to your doctor and a certified yoga teacher before doing any poses.