Whats a blowout hairstyle boys

Blow out your hair so that it is big and full of volume by rolling your comb backward to create a brushed back style.

Blowout Haircuts for Men

If you spot any remaining frizzy or kinky bits, you can cheat a little by running over them with a straightening iron. Thanks for letting us know.

Boys, as well as older men, can choose any of the versions to show their best features and express individuality! Their decision is easy to understand: You may use these HTML tags and attributes: High, low, medium, skin fade — nothing is forbidden.


If your hair is fluffy and unappealing, try adding some texture. It can be as long or short as you wish.

whats a blowout hairstyle boys

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55 Alluring Blowout Haircuts for Men

Blend the two guidelines together. Pin It on Pinterest. A blowout hairstyle can last for several days if you learn how to maintain it properly. Method 2.

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If you want to add extra volume, try wrapping each completed section of hair around a large velcro roller. Some men prefer to wear a little bit longer hairstyles.

whats a blowout hairstyle boys

Did this article help you? Of course, such hairstyles are always shorter on sides and longer on top, but one can hardly find two blowouts that will look the same.

whats a blowout hairstyle boys

This hairstyle is obtained without too much cutting. Next grab your number four guard with the clippers closed and create a second guideline which extends about 2. Once you have finished tapering the back of the neck and the sideburns, use the hair shears to cut the hair on top of the head and above the ears to the desired length.

Some guys prefer not to choose the easiest options and look for a hairstyle that will help them express their individuality. Gel the strands at the top, making them as messy as possible.

This includes a hair clipper with at least 5 hair guards, a t-liner outliner, a pair of hair shears, hair combs and some hair gel.