When does breastfeeding twins get easier

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when does breastfeeding twins get easier

Be prepared if one is finished and the other is not. As they get older, it gets easier. One wakes and I feed him and he gets changed then his brother gets woken up and fed and changed.

How to Survive Breastfeeding Twins

I stopped trying to breastfeed them exclusively 3 days home from the hospital. Yes, you can!

when does breastfeeding twins get easier

That was probably the toughest part about it. I really hate pumping so hoping to avoid it but I may find its the best solution eventually. I had good production from my right; less than good from left.

when does breastfeeding twins get easier

I made no goals. I'm at a bit of a loss on this one. At the moment every feed is taking over 2 hours to get them both satisfied and feeds are happening about every 2-3 hours so it literally feels like all I'm doing all day long is feeding. I just weaned mine at two and a half.


That sucked! When they were 6 weeks old, I was able to play video games while tandem nursing.

when does breastfeeding twins get easier

On the length of feeds--I think that 2 hours each time is maybe too much time to devote to feedings, I would see if you can shorten, even if it means supplementing at the tail end of feeds. They really learned to latch in that position.

As it was it was a lot of my day tied to feelings. Twin mamas will back me up there.

when does breastfeeding twins get easier

My twins were in the nicu for three weeks and I fortunately was able to work with lactation specialists while there. Then quickly got the other baby and put her on the other side. Give your babies as much breast milk as you can and if you have to supplement with formula , do not feel guilty.

When I tell strangers I have twins, sometimes their eyes get real wide and they give a look like oh my gosh how are you even still standing after going through that? They were walking and I'd be giving one their evening session and the other is clambering at my knees and wailing and climbing me and shoving the other to get in there. You can do it! Hello, I have 1 week old identical twin girls and have been exclusively breastfeeding them.

I was willing to give up and cut myself plenty of slack.