Wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

Top 10 WTF Moments in Anime [Best Recommendations]

While this isn't the first time Kaori sees Kousei, it is the first time he sees her , and he is completely enchanted. Anime has earned the reputation for pulling no punches when it comes to showing its viewers the strange and the surprising. It's always hard when you watch a well-loved or favorite anime character encounter a horrifying and unexpected death.

Humanity Says Goodbye - End of Evangelion. Nina Einstein, the shy and demure girl with glasses who has a knack for science, turns out to have a knack for something completely different.

In fact, many series have anime violence you didn't expect to see - even the cute Mahou Shoujo magical girl type! You're left screaming, "No way! And then… he transforms into a demon and bites off half of her body. What do you do if you meet a dragon in the forest? Apparently, everything! In a flash, Yukari is impaled through the neck by the sharp point of the umbrella and slowly dies.

In an instant, the monstrous witch bites off Mami's head and throws Mami's decapitated body up into the air before she devours it.

Suddenly, before Mami can fight or even run, the monster grabs her by the head and lifts her up into the air. Everything Goes to Hell - Berserk.

Madoka and Sayaka go out on another witch-hunting mission.

wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

Fearing she may be the next victim affected by the curse, she grabs her umbrella and makes a frantic dash down the stairs to get away from Mei. The group of beings then offered Griffith a position among them if he would sacrifice his comrades.

Vote up the most awesome first meetings between two characters in anime. Peter Virage de Jesus.

wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

Featuring a story of demons and humans overlaid by a tale of star-crossed love, the anime is able to separate itself from the conventional demon-human theme by making its demons as realistic as possible.

Among their beginnings are some of the best first meetings in anime. You're excitedly watching a new anime series, which has a great story and an adorable cast of characters.

This revelation put many things about their relationship into perspective, and it certainly opened up a whole new side to Yuri's personality, making it one of the most enjoyable first meetings in any anime ever. Insane with rage, Guts cuts off his own arm to get to Femto, but despite his best efforts, everything has already gone to hell.

wtf moments in anime what does shoujo

As it turns out, she has a really huge crush on Euphemia, and this eventually turns into an obsession.