Chiu chow garden taikoo shing city

Overall, we would have happily helped ourselves to seconds and thirds of the steamed dumpling dishes.

chiu chow garden taikoo shing city

San Francisco Edition. A little slice of Brittany in Hong Kong.

chiu chow garden taikoo shing city

Perhaps we should have done more serious battle with the other diners over the lazy Susan rather than wait politely for the platter to circle around the table — and ultimately back to us — when only less-desired cuts were left untouched. South African Wine Safari. Jenni Lien 9 days ago.

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Knowing as we do that Chiuchow Garden serves spectacular traditional dim sum, this was a bit of a let-down. New Menu: Restaurant Review: Beloved Chiuchow Garden has, after an extensive revamp, finally lifted the bamboo scaffolding curtains and flung open its doors with gusto.

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chiu chow garden taikoo shing city

Visually impressive but lacking in flavour, the Asian-style bread was too sweet for the coconut-heavy sauce. Melding continental European design features with contemporary elements of an open kitchen, beechwood furniture, bold sofa seats, floor-to-ceiling windows and chrome accents, Chiuchow Garden and its new interior take a large step out of the shadows of a traditional Chinese restaurant and into the light of modern, innovative regional cuisines.

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Chiuchow Garden - Taikoo Shing

Free-Flow Friday with Foodie Club. Does the revamped menu of this Taikoo establishment fly or flop? The highlights of our meal were easy to spot — and, sadly to say, shockingly few.

chiu chow garden taikoo shing city

We quite enjoyed the classic dim sum staples of steamed shrimp dumplings — the fresh, plump ingredients and understatedly simple presentation spoke volumes — but the other, more experimental dishes fell flat. New Chef and Menu: Free Pineapple Buns at eat darling eat This Weekend.

Chiuchow Garden

We recommend a visit for the classics, but tread carefully around the newfangled concoctions. Both my dining companion and I agreed that the meal was sadly — and surprisingly — unmemorable. Family Playtime Paradise. For more reviews like this, like Foodie on Facebook. Brought to you by: