Corner gas what phobia is the fear

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Acrophobia — Fear of heights. Kyle October 21, 2015. I'm scared of the sounds animals make though - cat's screeching, dog's barking, female's arguing, etc. Heterophobia — Fear of the opposite sex. Obesophobia — Fear of gaining weight.

corner gas what phobia is the fear

Phronemophobia — Fear of thinking. Myrmecophobia — Fear of ants. Oscar Leroy.

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Fear of Friday the 13th those are always fun. Kristen January 25, 2017. Stenophobia — Fear of narrow things or places. Whether you find a name for it or not will be less important than you addressing the fear.

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Michael July 29, 2016. It's, um, it's, er, what's the word I'm looking for? I have a fear of sitting with my back to the door.

corner gas what phobia is the fear

Polyphobia — Fear of many things. Ideophobia — Fear of ideas.

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Brent Leroy. Even if you have a name but hardly anyone knows what it means, it is not helpful.

corner gas what phobia is the fear

Symbolophobia — Fear of symbolism. Dikephobia — Fear of justice..

List of Phobias by Name

Michael March 7, 2015. My mother hate old stuffs of the house and throw them out into the waste even numerous times she discards useful things. Emotional Change for Mental Clarity. Michael January 26, 2016.

corner gas what phobia is the fear

Nozerone September 21, 2015. I have a phobia of dating, marriage, intimacy heartbteaks and childbirth and so many times i dont want to stop it.

corner gas what phobia is the fear

You may want to work with a professional on this if it becomes intense. I immediately close my eyes but the scene will keep replaying in my mind. TY June 19, 2016.