Curt g grinding my whole life

Which is hard.

G-Unit - Grindin' My Whole Life (Remix) Feat. Kidd Kidd

People like Jermaine Dupri, he was killing them remixes. We gonna show 'em that we ain't one dimensional, man.

curt g grinding my whole life

In addition to the novelty of hearing 50 Cent , Lloyd Banks , Young Buck and Tony Yayo on a record together again, the inherent energy of the song and it's beat played a part in the excitement, too.

We out here making music.

He was changing the beat up, changing the flows up, and that's what we gonna do. But they weren't even aware that Fif and the Unit were hopping on their joint. We been working for a long time. Audio Push , who are also in HS87 and on the original track, were similarly enthused.

We really been trying to get to it for a long time, so for people to be taking notice is a blessing. This won't be the last remix from the 18-track project We The Plug , which showcases numerous artists on the team and also includes features from Kid Cudi and Nipsey Hussle.

curt g grinding my whole life

G-Unit created major waves on Monday night when they released "Nah I'm Talkin' Bout," their first collaboration in years. We really just appreciative to be in the game, man.

curt g grinding my whole life