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White noise is a spray of pitches and volumes that contains all audible frequencies. It can get a bit weird. The whole thing is like a microhistory of the last 20 years of suburban white people. Not a thing.

25 Songs That Tell Us Where Music Is Going

Pilfered dabs of R. The women in my social circle, most of whom had never sold or even seen crack, breathed a collective sigh of relief. This incursion of youth into the securely aged domain of the classical-music audience was owed, it seemed, to the promised appearance of a guest performer, Caroline Shaw. As good-and-evil Christian morality falls out of fashion among the women in my social universe, a new binary has arisen to organize our outlook.

It felt like a divorce, like a family — however dysfunctional — falling apart. Your head spins as the song proceeds to combine sounds from a half-dozen old-school districts. This instantly detectable tension in her voice causes listeners to become alert, even alarmed, the moment she starts singing.

Lest the message be unclear, Richie presses the point: Then she broke it when she fell off a piece of playground equipment in elementary school, and again a few years ago when, in a moment of drunken hilarity at a backyard party in East Nashville, a good friend accidentally smashed her in the face with a massive belt buckle weighted with bullets.

Credit his melodic gift and his knack for arrangements that wash over listeners in cresting, tumbling waves. It was like being given an amazing coloring book and being told to use all your crayons, use your paint and scissors, anything at all.

Is the gutted, feel-good pop feminism of that Bustle post the same one that moves a panel of black women to declare Fetty Wap a feminist? Then came high-speed Internet and a touching enthusiasm for the idea of playlists: You hit the beat and hit it squarely.

The song crept into the collective consciousness in similarly stealthy fashion.

Cruisin' (Cut The Sax Remix)

A cultural ferment, frozen in amber. When we met in Los Angeles in February, he posed his value proposition as a question: But being openly gay can still feel especially difficult in the world of hip-hop and R. How to speak against that? Bootstrappism is the chocolate echo of white racism. Bennett, the D. Our stories are everywhere: