Diary how to start a garden

The kitchen garden diary: June

Find your nearest store learn more about hortico products. Like other brassicas, romanesco needs a good rich soil with plenty of well-rotted manure.

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diary how to start a garden

Click the on the menu icon in the upper right corner and inspiration. Have you ever used a garden designer, or if not, would you employ one? Is your garden starting to wane? Discuss these days. February 2015 Tyninghame Gardens: In fruit fly-prone areas pick up and destroy fallen fruit every three days.

Keep an eye on your seeds with a garden diary

I sowed the current crop in March in modules and planted the seedlings out in late April when they were about 10cm tall, taking care to press the soil down. As soon as possible after purchasing lilium bulbs, plant them into humus-rich soil.

diary how to start a garden

This prolongs the harvest period. Feed citrus trees with citrus food or Hortico Organic Fertiliser.

Dear Diary: A Gardener’s Journal

Temperley's Cider Brandy September 23, 2013. To save the new plant, click the Tic mark in the top right corner. The Importance of Keeping a Garden Diary One of the first tips I give to community gardeners when we begin is to keep a garden diary. With the Journal you'll learn more about your garden with every observation and photo you add.

diary how to start a garden

Step 2: Fertilise citrus with citrus food or Hortico organic plant food. Seed potatoes can be planted this month. Read all recent posts.

diary how to start a garden