Dr who toys 1970s toys

Like Louis Marx toys the Codeg daleks are highly sought after; tough to find in original box with all non-repro parts. The Marx Daleks were actually used in the series twice to make the Dalek armies look bigger, once in the Second Doctor story Evil of the Daleks 1967 then the Third Doctor story Planet of the Daleks 1973. Personal Finance. Nestle Dr Who chocolate wrappers came out in 1975. Whether you are buying from an auction house, a specialist shop or a private buyer, two factors are key: Ms Connell said that, when it came to valuation, much would depend on the period they are from and the condition they are in.

You could find one card in a 36 pack of tea, two cards in the 72 pack and four in the 144 pack. This consisted of a rotating device inside; you put the Doctor figure inside a piece of velcro held him in place , shut the doors, spin the lamp on top and press the green button on top.

dr who toys 1970s toys

The Neutron Exterminator was a cap gun. Many fans are collecting these, and keeping them in good condition, so it is unlikely they will appreciate in value.

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In the 70s Weetabix produced a range of card figures which could be stood up and placed against dioramas for game play. Follow moneytelegraph. People need to check such verification carefully, though. Denys Fisher also released two Doctor Who board games.

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Links to some of the main toy manufacturers can be found on the left hand menu. See each listing for international postage options and costs.

dr who toys 1970s toys

They had stickers that said 'Daleks are Supreme' and cardboard standies, one of which you could actually get into that had a plastic dome. The 60's versions were released in black or silver; 70's versions were in red or yellow. Pamphlet A is in very good and clean white condition.

Sarah Jane Smith Pyramids of Mars 3. They like to buy it but it is unlikely to be collectable in future. Made on Sticker Label Paper.

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The 1965 Selcol Dr Who Nursery Toy Dalek blue and silver with red arms was a 12" figure sold by Woolworths in a clear plastic sleeve with a card header. From their very first introduction in The Daleks 1963 , the 'pepper pots' were an instant success, ushering in the era of 'dalekmania'.

This has the usual pieces broken off that you would usua...

dr who toys 1970s toys

All Repro. Alpha Centauri from Moster of Peladon 5. Davros From Genesis of the Daleks 6. Then later on they made a kind of trading card game. No accessories, hair paint is rubbed in places-.