Honda odyssey 2005 shakes when accelerating

honda odyssey 2005 shakes when accelerating

On the driver's side, I couldn't feel any rips or tears, but I did find a nice wad of black grease on a horizontal piece directly under this boot where it connects to the transmission. Don't replace them all as they are expensive and you don't want to go with aftermarket coils on these. It's one of 2 things.

honda odyssey 2005 shakes when accelerating

Any ideas? Unfortunately it was the transmission.

2007 Honda Odyssey Engine Shaking?

This is not okay. SF Bay Area 5,996 posts, read 13,283,477 times Reputation: You would move them with a bar no less than 3 feet long to test. Upload Photo Photo optional. It was out of ballance. Forward Collision... I recently had a new catalytic converter put in as the old one went bad.

Remember Me. Appears there are numerous complaints on Honda transmissions from 2000 to 2010 Honda Odysseys. User Name. Automatic Transmission problems.

honda odyssey 2005 shakes when accelerating

If it is trying to go into lock-up mode and cannot which would only happen at highway speeds , the torque converter could be having vibration issues. Nothing has worked. At first they told me out of balance tire and irregular tire wear. Start a new Honda Odyssey question.