How close are wall studs

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how close are wall studs

This option is less reliable. Studs will normally be spaced every 16" along most walls in residential construction.

What is the best way to find a stud in a wall? How far apart are they?

Adjacent to Light Switches and Outlets. Take a long wire like a clothes hanger , and fashion it into a right angle.

how close are wall studs

Do you have other stud-finding techniques? Read on for several ways to locate wall studs.

Stud Spacing

Let us know in the comments below! You can't typically find stud layout from an attic or crawl space. Despite their essential role in building homes , studs are sometimes difficult to find.

But note that it's not immediately clear on which side of the box you'll find the stud.

How to Find a Stud in a Wall

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how close are wall studs

Drywall Basics. Editors' Recommendations Mounting a TV? Tap the wall at each distance. Finding Vertical Storage. What I would do is use the knowledge of your local stud standards to help me find the next stud.

how close are wall studs