How its made bounce house

This means the sticker price is sometimes higher, but the value provided is excellent. Inflatables sold by Chinese manufacturers may appear cheaper, and you may save money up front.

Chinese Inflatables: Myth vs. Reality

Magic Jump uses premium material and assembly in manufacturing its products so you may rest assured about the quality of the product you get. Have you come across counterfeit licensed inflatable knock-offs?

how its made bounce house

Weighing in at only 94 pounds, it makes for easy transport and setup for even one person. Site Developed By Enlogica. Enter your email address and we will notify you when this product is back in stock. Both nylon and polyester oxford are good materials for residential bounce houses, but they need to be reinforced. They can be strengthened with 600D nylon or heavy PVC. We operate a factory both in the United States and in China. Our inflatables are much stronger and more durable than the residential bounce houses some parents buy for their children.

Recently, we had an angry customer call us to complain that an inflatable slide they ordered from us was terrible, and looked nothing like the photos.

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We aggressively go after any company falsely claiming to represent us, using stolen photos, or displaying knock-off versions of our copyrighted original designs. All of our themed inflatables feature timeless, original artwork that will be perfect for your party or event. Your total cost of ownership is likely higher when you factor in the lack of quality, repair bills, and shorter lifespan.

Knock-offs are bad for your business and the entire amusement industry. Chinese Inflatables: Size Length x Width x Height. The Custom Bounce House is a perfect ride to fit into smaller spaces either outside in the yard or indoors in a play room or garage. So how can you tell what you should buy? Are you going to get a refund?

how its made bounce house

Hi-Res Photos. Also, if there is a problem with your inflatable, there is likely nothing you can do about it.

How Are Residential and Commercial Bounce Houses Different?

If you buy an inflatable from China that is a knock-off of a copyrighted design, you might pay for your product but never receive it. Call Us Today. Inflatable 2000 sells commercial bounce houses for party rental companies across the United States.

how its made bounce house

We manufacturer the majority of our inflatables in our Chinese factory, as we have for many years.