How to break in timberland boots

You want the kind with extra heel padding, but not the kind that are loose, wooly, or itchy. Imagine if a piece of cake could kick you in the face. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins as my feet begged to be released from the fresh hell they were currently occupying. Brought to you by LEAFtv.

8 Life Hacks for Breaking In Your Boots

Cue the essential Timberland guide for breaking in your new leather boots and shoes quickly and safely, without damaging them. But once my initial euphoria subsided, I started to feel very uncomfortable. Home Fashion. Lo for my look, and even though they still needed to be broken in some more, I could start to see the light. Take Them to a Professional When all else fails, you can always take your shoes to a cobbler—yes, they do still exist.

Chunky heels really balance my thick legs, and the moderate 3-inch height of this pair made them comfortable enough for me to get around the city without wanting to rip them off.

How to Break in Timberlands

Focus on any areas that pinch or feel tight with a 20-second blast of heat to stretch the leather without damaging it. There's just something about the shoe's New York history that just brings out your innermost "don't mess with me" attitude. You're gonna want to wear your new best friends day in and day out. This combination of big socks and extra warmth delivers quick results.

I compared new Timberlands to old Timbs and the winner surprised me

It totally fits my style, since I love a good tunic with a pair of black leggings or skinny jeans, and this boot blends in seamlessly while giving me some extra height. Check it out here.

how to break in timberland boots

Wear the same socks; tie them in the same way; line up your tongue, and flatten the gusset as you would when using the shoes for their intended purpose. Because, well, you love it. It will get me through light snow days and times when I want to add some New York attitude to my casual looks.

how to break in timberland boots

Wear your Timberlands around the neighborhood to further the breaking-in process. About the Author Robert Morello has an extensive travel, marketing and business background.

How to Break In Your New Boots Without a Single Blister

Squatting repeatedly while wearing Timberlands can also help soften the sole material. When your boots are comfortable enough to wear around the house without issue, wear them on errands and short walks. Brittany Fowler.

how to break in timberland boots

Sponsored Story. Take a large spoon — wooden or metal, it makes no difference — and use it to gently lever and loosen any areas of your shoes or boots that feel a bit tight.

how to break in timberland boots