How to configure grub cfg community

how to configure grub cfg community

James Oct 15 '16 at 23: Response Permalink. You can mention users to notify them: Hello, Is there a way to restore the Grub default settings on a Linode with Ubuntu 18. Reboot without usb drives, the grub boot menu appears with several boot options including boot to windows 8, and it worked! Methods of taking root permissions I have mentioned may not be appropriate but I have adopted easiest methods I know.

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Grub default settings

Nothing against Grub Customizer. It can also limit access to specific entries for specific users, and can encrypt plain-text passwords for increased security. Default boot entry. Theme elements will include colors, fonts, progress indicators, menus, and labels.

This guide covers the use of Grub 1. Don't forget 'sudo update-grub' after you finish tweaking and close the file. The particular file he's having problems with shouldn't be manually edited.

how to configure grub cfg community

For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here. Originally Posted by sisco311. Entering rescue mode... Written by: If it works, it is not a good way of doing this.

Boot with Ubuntu Live Usb, 1. Got a call asking for a dual boot win8 and Ubuntu on a rather old Latitude D430 laptop. GRUB legacy version 0.


If you are trying to make Windows your Priority Boot device, you can do that by make grub default to saved. Log in to Ask a Question. Does your DHCP config file contain: To remove extra operating system entry say Linux Mint 12 installed on sda8 remove these lines from grub. Users who still have Grub 0.