How to make homemade baby mobiles

After you have tied your loose knot, hang your mobile to figure out the perfect angle.

how to make homemade baby mobiles

Similarly, the Eames-inspired mobile featured on Vitaminihandmade can also serve as a modern and abstract decoration. Don't stop your machine between each circle.

How To Make A Baby Mobile – Cute And Colorful Ideas

Paint the bird and then start making the frame. For example, on column one you can use two circles, on column two you can use two circles, and then on column three you can use one circle.

how to make homemade baby mobiles

First you need a template. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. For example, find out how to make a solar system pom-pom mobile on We-are-scout. Then string felt pom-poms and hang them from the branches.

35 Adorable and Stylish DIY Baby Mobiles

Follow the instructions for similar results. Take two ribbons and attach them to the wreath as you did in the previous section, on the 12, 3, 6, and 9 points of a clock. You can choose to use hot glue or tacky glue if you aren't comfortable with your sewing skills. For example, instead of using an embroidery hoop you can use a glass bottle and a branch. Make sure you place the pin as far inside the flower as you can so it doesn't show.

25 Homemade Mobiles for Babies

Position and hang your mobile. Instead, imagine your wreath is flat on the ground. Hang it on your wall and enjoy! Via Modern Mantle How amazing is this hot air balloon mobile with colorful raindrops?

Position your circles.

How to Make a DIY Baby Mobile for Your Little Adventurer

Hold your wreath and place each flower on the outside of the wreath, securing it with pins. Start by making a few of these colored cube-shaped boxes.

how to make homemade baby mobiles

Then, take your second ribbon and tie one end in between the other two ends, exactly in the middle. Basically, you'll need enough ribbon so that you have enough to cover the circumference of your mobile, with each ribbon being doubled up.

how to make homemade baby mobiles

Some plastic dinos can go a long way with a bit of spray paint! It's your personal preference what kind of seam you want. Babies and Infants Felt Projects.

how to make homemade baby mobiles

View in gallery. Did you know you can make a great-looking baby mobile using egg shells? The proejct requires egg shells, stickers, washi tape and thread.