How to read electrical drawings ppt presentation

The most common types of wiring diagrams are the pictorial diagram and the ladder schematic. A zigzag shape stands for a resistor. It looks like an "M" with 5 or 6 humps.

how to read electrical drawings ppt presentation

Similar presentations. Resistive — heaters.

This method of crankcase heat will be covered later. It looks like the flip of a light switch. The capacitance of the start winding is then equal to that of the sum of the two run capacitors. When the system is in the heating mode and the heating switch in the thermostat closes, the gas valve will operate again assuming that no faults exist elsewhere in the circuit. Special Industry. Combustion air normally open pressure switch closes on rise.

Reading Electrical Schematics

To identify the polarity of the physical part, a general rule of thumb is to find out which metal lead wire is longer. Some components to a circuit board are polarized, meaning one side is positive and the other negative. How to Read Electrical Drawing Learn how to read electrical drawing. To determine the sequence of operation, you would need to view the ladder schematic for this system.

how to read electrical drawings ppt presentation

This function is illustrated on this slide. They are intended to deliver electric power to loads without using any of the power they are passing through the circuit.

how to read electrical drawings ppt presentation

In most cases — one switch per load. The first event relates to the defrost thermostat see the upper schematic on this slide.

How to Read Electrical Drawing

Electric Motors. The lines do not necessarily illustrate the point-to-point connections that may exist in the unit. This action opens the gas valve and terminates burner activity. Think of a wiring diagram as a road map of an electric circuit. If they do not connect, one will be shown looping around the other in a semicircle.