How to start engineering research topics

Such a significant performance gain is crucial for many important bandwidth-hungry applications such as broadband cellular systems, wireless sensor networks, underwater communication scenarios, etc.

how to start engineering research topics

Nonlinear Dynamics. A prototype is the first full scale and usually functional form of a new type or design. Health Systems. Computational Mechanics.

Research Areas

The Dynamics and Control groups conduct research on aerospace systems, biomechanical dynamics, dynamics of plates and shells, force control, mechatronics, multibody systems, nonlinear dynamics, robotics, space systems and vibrations.

Skip to main content. Computational Science a nd Engineering. Advanced Communications and Information processing in smart grid systems. Polymers and Soft Matter. Space Science and Engineering. Superior work will demonstrate tradeoff analyses such as comparing the strength vs.

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It will train the next generation of engineers and scientists, leading to the development of smart grid technology within Europe and internationally. Bio-electrical Engineering. Many engineering design projects will require pre-approval from the SRC. Advanced Materials Processing.

how to start engineering research topics

A numerical investigation on the effect of different paint coatings on ship resistance in real sailing conditions. Customers may express needs by describing a product I need a car or as a functional requirement I need a way to get to school.

A multi-scale approach to characterising fluid contribution to conductive heat transfer in dense granular systems.

How to Do Engineering Projects

Step 2. Sign in site maintenance. Earth System Science. Rapid Prototyping. Some typical constraints are cost, time, and knowledge; legal issues; natural factors such as topography, climate, raw materials; and where the product will be used.

Research Areas in Mechanical Engineering

Can you defend your choices to the judges? Drug Delivery and Nanomedicine.

how to start engineering research topics

Existing particle based models are ill suited to dense systems so a multi-scale approach has been used to correlate the local packing structure to the gas contribution to conductive heat transfer in dense granular systems. Each engineering design, software application or device project should have a clear engineering goal which can fit the following model statement: This 4 year research programme is led and co-ordinated by the University of Edinburgh.

Criteria are derived from needs expressed by customers.