How to tape an achilles heel

Give each of these areas a couple wraps around so that the tape is secure and will be able to have further athletic tape applied to the top of them. Wrap a compression bandage in figure-eights, alternating loops between your calf and foot.

The force through the Achilles is increased with jumping and uphill running, however when running on flat ground the role of the calf muscles and Achilles tendon changes. Brand Information.

Kinesiology Taping for the Achilles Tendon

To avoid putting any pressure on the area, you can also choose to walk with crutches or to use a knee walker or knee scooter. Reduced flexibility will make your tendon more susceptible to another injury. Work your way down from the ankle.

how to tape an achilles heel

Once you have used up all of your bandage, it needs to be physically attached to itself. Elevating an injury to the Achilles will help blood flow, which helps an injury heal faster, and will let excess fluid drain away from the injury. New Nike Commercial: Applying ice to an injured tendon can reduce inflammation and reduce swelling. Log into your account.

They may prescribe you a stronger medication. Giving your tendon time to recover will allow the tiny tears in it to heal. If your Achilles tendon is sore or injured, you can wrap it while it heals. Cover the tendon in a protective pad.

Password recovery. GetInvolved Contact us: As athletic tape is adhesive, you may wish to shave the area of your leg and foot that you will tape.

Tape Yourself: Achilles Tendinitis

Gold, silver, and bronze weren't the only colors decorating Beijing Olympians. With the tape backing still on, place one end of the strip on the bottom of your heel.

how to tape an achilles heel

Achilles Tendon Foot Health Facts: Place two strips of tape parallel to your tendon on each side of the tendon. When your tendon has healed and you are ready to resume normal activity, start slow. Application Instructions.

how to tape an achilles heel

Warnings If you feel that your Achilles tendon is injured enough that it needs to be wrapped, consider having it looked at by a doctor. For most minor to moderate Achilles injuries over-the-counter painkillers will be enough to control the pain.

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