Interleaved practice guitar anywhere

Later going on to be a favourite instructor at the school. I run the same arpeggio up the whole neck then back down.

interleaved practice guitar anywhere

According to Dr. I look to see why.... You may find that your peak time is about 10 minutes but it may be a little less or a little more. I spent two hours today on my flat-top going through old originals, nice to get them under my fingers again after a few years of not playing these particular songs.

interleaved practice guitar anywhere

I've found that is about the best way to simulate having to perform stone cold. Are you not as good as other musicians?

interleaved practice guitar anywhere

I carve out time wherever I can. Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion?

‘Power Burst’ learning – the faster way to learn more on the guitar in less time

This is especially problematic when the only judge whose evaluation you will trust is yourself. I then do all the inversions and so on. There were two samples: How to Practice Guitar in 15 Minutes: Recommended Audio Recorders: Anyway, the good news though is that there are a lot of studies out there that relate to learning — all of which are applicable to the guitar.

Here is an approach that might be of interest.

How to use interleaving to win long-term results

Interested in Private Lessons? If you learned about polynomials in Algebra last month and simplifying algebraic equations last week, you should mix both up in your current study sessions for better long term results. Want additional help to upgrade your practice, performance, or career skills?

interleaved practice guitar anywhere

Researcher K. Keep an eye on a clock or use a timer better to monitor how long into a mini session of learning something new before your concentration and playing starts to go downhill.

interleaved practice guitar anywhere

Other times, I put on a CD and make myself play straight through, no redos.