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Whenever ANZA looks at supporting a new charity here in Singapore, we are always keen to have a working relationship in some way with them directly, rather than just handing over a cheque each year. Your carbon footprint AND your calories go down. But in other ways — such as recycling — it seems like it might be lagging behind. Most of the activities are interactive to allow singles to get to know one another.

Take concrete actions to creatively transform these materials into something useful and allow for a second life or second usage of these items. The orchid is officially titled the Aranda Malcolm and Lucy Turnbull. Through to the back, past the window into the frenetic world of the kitchen, you pass through a jungle-esque hug of palm fronds into the courtyard.

The interior is a warehousestyle take on the shophouse location with a narrow bar for aperitifs and a private dining space for celebrations. We cannot bury our head in the sand on our tropical island and pretend climate change will go way.

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Singapore's public libraries have two sets of payphones - one at the National Library Building in Victoria Street and another at the Jurong Regional Library.

Competition brings positive lessons for children too.

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Yio Chu Kang Stadium. The proceeds from the donation drive will be distributed by Food From The Heart.

karen chow singtel iphone

Again, there are no plans to increase or decrease this figure. We spotted a mother and her baby, swimming across one of the river tributaries. One where heat records are routinely shattered and, what was once considered extreme, will become the norm.

karen chow singtel iphone

Proven track record with students from various international schools in Singapore since 2006. We also took home some leeches, so bring matches and salt with you. Born in Adelaide, Raelene Tan is an etiquette consultant and food and travel writer.

Pick up the payphone: Retro public phones still handy

The development of each student — mind, body and soul — and the development of character, grit and determination is what positions our students for success after school.

Looking to discover some handmade, classic and modern homewares that are not your run of the mill types? He was in Maryani Hotel having a business meeting, when the quake occurred. A voting system has been set up for the first time, to allow the public to vote for their favourite artist or artwork.

karen chow singtel iphone

A small, elegant garden surrounded the plunge pool at the back.