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Michal Nowicki

We plan to allocate about PLN 18 billion for entrepreneurship support by 2020. The greatest reward for us is when we see that our work is appreciated by various legislative bodies, as is sometimes reflected in their decisions.

Materials Basel 2016 Apr 1;9 4.

leszek pawelczyk grochowska 200

Wojciech Orpel. Piotr Kucharski. In 2015-2023, NFEPWM is going to spend over PLN 5 billion to finance air protection projects the sum covers energy efficiency and renewable projects as well for air protection ones.

Krzysztof Meissner. Andrzej Dragan.

leszek pawelczyk grochowska 200

If, on the other hand, it drops, it means that the output decreases and the sector is not attractive to invest. It is important to emphasise the need for transparent regulations, which will give a clear picture of rights and obligations.

leszek pawelczyk grochowska 200

February 2015. We helped set up 67 startups for 504 high-tech companies. Its mission is supporting the development of pharmaceutical and medical sciences by financing scientific research in those fields. Optimistically, I can say that the problem will be solved, because it has to be. Zygote 2015 Apr 18;23 2: Sci Rep 2017 06 1;7 1: Epub 2013 Dec 28.

Synthos SA — for the implementation of the Integrated Management System, resulting in a significant increase in ecological safety and for the continuous monitoring of the impact of chemical production on the environment. Epub 2019 Jan 16. Do you think the recent appointment of Prof. The second Polish edition of the Prix Galien was a bit more modest.