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Version Cisco Systems, Inc. The prediction of the auditory damage in our paper is based on signal measurements at the tragus of the shooter s ear without HPD.

publikacje naukowe fizjoterapia oddechowa

Performance of different types of hearing protectors undergoing high-level impulse noise. None of the present methods to rate the impulse noise is accurate for sport shooting.

Sport shooters are exposed to acoustic impulses during a single training session. The results were similar i. In swimming, responsibility for success depends on individual abilities and predispositions, while in team games that responsibility is shared by the team members.

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Maturity of the SVPs is most likely to result from the fact that SV is a relatively new sport discipline and not overly popular in Poland. With over six years of experience in construction of Intelligent Home Systems we have done a value analysis of systems and services usually purchased by.

publikacje naukowe fizjoterapia oddechowa

Generally, the time-domain structure of a signal reaching the shooter s ears is modifi ed within the fi rst 3-5 ms for all kinds of weapon and ammunition.

However levels of 125 db can be harmful to the inner ear [25].


Am J Prev Med 2003, 25: Miedzy legenda a historia: Reconsideration of the effects of impulse noise. An effective duration of a single impulse is between 250 and 800 ms and consecutive signals appear in ms intervals [11].

Wych Fiz Zdr 2002, 8-9: It is also confi rmed by the fact that when asked about the motive behind taking on sport activity the SV players more often chose joy of sport as an answer, while the able-bodied volleyball players choice was staying fi t.

Pediatria Polska 2013; 88, 6, Cytowanie: A limiting factor for the use of modern weapon system?

publikacje naukowe fizjoterapia oddechowa

Therefore it is also difficult to choose appropriate hearing protection devices HPDs for sport shooters. WHO, Genewa 2005. Although it is well documented that weapon noise is harmful to the hearing organ [15-21] there are no universal criteria for evaluation of this specific acoustic environment [2, 22-24]. The spectral density took place between the 3 rd and the 5 th ms effective duration time of a resultant impulse is between and changes in the transient acoustic power were between ms.

publikacje naukowe fizjoterapia oddechowa