The sunshine when shes gone a novel

It's vital and probably elicits something in every single reader with all the accompanying highs and lows of thoughts and emotions. The Sunshine When She's Gone is finished. What father in his right mind would hop on a plane to another country with a newborn, virtually no supplies, and not contact his wife in 3 days time except for one voicemail, in which he lied about their whereabouts?

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is not the characters' fault, so if you find that you share similarities with the characters, I don't think you are a spineless, fluffy-headed, ninny-monkey, but Thea Goodman did such a poor job of developing these people that I constantly rolled my eyes and played my tiny violin for them.

Her actions throughout the book only make her worse and worse. The writing in this book is exquisite and the characters are psychologically complicated. Although the two spend most of the book distracted by the freedom of being away from each other, it is in their time alone that they realize they'd rather be together. The premise was new and it had possibilities for comic mayhem to ensue but it was written, it seemed to be taken seriously.

the sunshine when shes gone a novel

Friend Reviews. If it's a farce, I didn't see it.

The Sunshine When She’s Gone

These people are jaded and entitled and there's a bitterness that doesn't feel like it belongs to this story. I figured out fairly early that I didn't like 'em or approve of their choices, but something about it held my interest anyway.

the sunshine when shes gone a novel

I trotted over to her house to offer some relief. I realize this is not a pregnancy manual for moms to be but I felt this armchair diagnosis might scare women were reading this book unnecessarily. This novel provides an interesting concept: In fact had this been a book, there is a point where I would have flung it across the room and left it on the floor to be stomped on.

the sunshine when shes gone a novel

Veronica is not feeling well. Told through alternating points of view, The Sunshine When She's Gone explores the life-changing impact of parenthood on a couple as individuals and as partners.

Thea Goodman on her new novel, 'The Sunshine When She's Gone'

Luckily it wasn't that long of a book, so I only had about two discs left after that point. Who does that?!

the sunshine when shes gone a novel

Then lies to her about where he is when he leaves a message - tells her he's at his mother's house. I can understand the wife, Veronica, not being interested in having sex with her husband--She just had a baby and a hysterectomy.

The Sunshine When She's Gone

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Caribbean "can be a bit more challenging for kids than one might imagine," she said. The ending is more of an aside than anything else. Veronica at first relishes the alone time and then starts to miss them. Especially for people who are parents or have long term partners, I recommend it wholeheartedly.

the sunshine when shes gone a novel