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Taking the Low-Tech Road Unlike Western companies, which often try to mitigate the environmental damage done by their operations through costly retrofits or by underwriting the development of breakthrough technologies think catalytic converters and smokestack scrubbers , many companies in emerging markets start small. Traditionally, bottlers use large amounts of water in cleaning the bottles and in the heating and cooling phases of production, as well as in the drinks themselves.

Ruinemans worldwide one of the biggest wholesalers of live ornamental fish

Choose your location to get a site experience tailored for you. Bringing the latest technology and process innovations to bear, the company reduced the amount of water it took to produce a liter of beverage from 12 to 4.

In Chile, Santiago-based Masisa is experimenting with a way to expand demand for its sustainably harvested wood. There were other advantages to the organic approach as well: It was reacting not to any immediate environmental threat, since water is abundant in its tropical location, but to public concerns. In recent years that model has generated healthy revenue growth: Nevertheless, customizing its business model so radically to local needs has enabled the company to outperform other suppliers of irrigation systems.

In Brazil the natural-cosmetics company Natura has built a unique competitive advantage by forging a similar symbiotic relationship—not with its customers but with its suppliers.

What Can 40 Years in the Pet Industry Do For Your Business?

In South Africa, food retailer Woolworths no relation to the old U. To offset its remaining consumption, Florida Ice has piloted community conservation efforts and helped engineer improvements to the national water infrastructure. Each order is tracked until successfully delivered and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

New Britain Palm Oil was decades ahead of its time when in 1963 it developed integrative pest management that introduced natural alternatives to some chemicals while increasing crop yields. TFI offers a full selection of wholesale tropical fish including both freshwater and saltwater species.

Making Sustainability Profitable

Impressive as the cost efficiencies are, more intriguing is the growth that companies in emerging markets have gained by extending their sustainability efforts to the operations of their customers. David Michael.

Organic produce was entering mainstream Western stores then, and worldwide demand for all things organic began to surge. With direct ordering and billing via in-house EDI, we can offer a fully automated solution to inventory and accounting functions. Masisa aims to build demand for its products in remote, underdeveloped areas of the country, while giving the carpenters an incentive to use sustainable wood rather than buy from illegal cutters.

This is often a very attractive option for high volume customers located close to those ports.