What are binturongs related to the ear

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Binturongs are one of the largest animals in the Viverridae family.

what are binturongs related to the ear

Number Of Species: The meaning of the word binturong is unknown. Get Science Newsletter Sign up to receive the latest science news.

What is a binturong?

Long ear tufts protrude from their small, rounded ears. Viverridae Genus: The animals are sold for meat and considered a delicacy in Laos. They smell like buttered popcorn. Read on for my list of what makes the binturong so weird and wonderful. Article published by Glenn Scherer. Binturongs have long, low, stocky bodies covered with coarse, shaggy black fur tipped in gray, so they sometimes appear speckled.

what are binturongs related to the ear

The colour generally is black with a sprinkling of whitish hairs. Accessed July 18, 2013 at animaldiversity.

what are binturongs related to the ear

Most animals have some sort of odor, and many use scent for communicating with others of their kind. When the animal can produce offspring. Binturong Comments Snowbird "Yay!

Indeed, it does seem a bit like a composite animal, with parts gathered from here and there. Gabbi Hadle "i love this one its the most prettest thing i have ever seen it reminds me of my mom they share the same mustache!!! Civet , any of a number of long-bodied, short-legged carnivores of the family Viverridae.

Please enter a nickname which you can use to identify your comment, but which others can not use to identify you. Its nine subspecies are the sole occupants of the genus Arctictis. What has a face like a cat, a body like a small bear, and a tail like a monkey?

what are binturongs related to the ear

The binturong is a fierce, canopy-dwelling carnivore, with a prehensile tail, a sweet tooth for figs, and it smells like buttered popcorn; it is also threatened.