What does it mean to taze someone

Your question is a valid one, and as you discovered in your research, there is little consistency in the published literature, especially on the Internet.

Being struck by lightning, by comparison, kills frequently because it sends an exponentially greater amount of voltage and amperage through a victim, at levels that our bodies just can't handle. I avoid using verb forms of Taser. The AP Stylebook is no help with the verb. How much are you willing to change your life? Brendan on December 01, 2009 2: Life will work its magic to give you what you deserve.

what does it mean to taze someone

You are well equipped with the abilities to support yourself for the years to come. Maeve on February 02, 2018 6: Tea Leaf Dictionary Learn how to read the symbols in your tea cup.

Taser Dream Meaning

Website URL: Its an S not a zed little alone a zee. Ironically, the solution to the problem is to administer another electric shock—well-known to provide instant theatrics for so many network hospital dramas. Thank you Richard Covey, I could not agree more. Consult your family and your support network.

what does it mean to taze someone

The policeman used a Taser. Steve Ashley, Thank you for your thoughtful addition to the discussion. The odds of the unthinkable increase the more times one is subjected to the powerful electric current.

Taser or Tazer? Tazing or Tasering?

Test Your Vocabulary. Occult Dictionary Understand occult terms. All it has under Taser is that the word is a capitalized acronym. There is no such thing as a Tazer so therefore tazered or tazering is not correct.

what does it mean to taze someone

Raw footage of fatal police shooting released," 30 Mar. I am sure I will get some comments. Or do you want to go on living the same way? Additionally, while TASER International is far and away the major player in the field of electronic control devices — especially hand held ECDs — there are other manufacturers out there. Boys Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means.

what does it mean to taze someone

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