What does kuding plus tea documentary

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Like you said it is not tea... Filter Posts By: Hi Sir W, I've never seen it rolled into balls. A lot of people see him as a marketer who uses great packaging and his online video presence to upsell his tea. The Green Tea Review. How does the food taste.

what does kuding plus tea documentary

Photo Identification. Our tea expert team has tight connections with Hunan Agriculture University, applying theories into practice. Just wanted to take this moment to recognize your quality contribution, and also to say thanks for the well presented info I didn't even know I was looking for!

The vast majority of our tea produced in own organic tea garden, the tea garden has a professional management, to ensure the quality of fresh leaves. The kucha seems to come from a remote region of southern yunan around Lao Man E, but most of the famous tea from there is Pu'er.

what does kuding plus tea documentary

We found out later, after the internet investigation, that it was Kuding tea. This is not an exhaustive list.

high quality Chinese herbal tea kuding tea

Cui Yu on the Deck 4 years ago. It's a marketing-style name that a tea seller might give to any number of different green tea cultivars. Drinking great teas in anyway 7 months ago. Research has proven that it is a safe botanical to drink with no toxic side effects.

I appreciate what he does and what his mission is, and also get why people would be skeptical of him. Please note that these are only guidelines and you may need to experiment to get the taste you like.

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Our Services. They are working on positions in tea base, research, produce, quality control, and sales. Coud you provide free sample?

what does kuding plus tea documentary