What does pd mean when ordering glasses

Post this on your site Embed Code: Once you've got your PD measurement, fill in the numbers in your cart and you're good to go. The optometrists are not employed by LensCrafters, which does not provide eye exams.

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Have your friend repeat the process on your left eye by measuring the distance from your left pupil to your right. Place against forehead for added stability. The millimeter number that lines up with your left pupil is the measurement you want. If you want a simple method for getting an opthamologist-grade PD measurement without leaving your home, we're happy to help:.

what does pd mean when ordering glasses

In fact, because human faces aren't completely symmetrical, this isn't the case -- even a few millimeters' difference can cause vision problems. Step six Measure the distance between the two dots with a millimeter ruler. However, measuring your pupillary distance is something usually left to professional optometrists.

What is Pupillary distance?

They always have to provide it to the optician who is going to make the glasses. Well Janean, thanks for the great question! Step One Face your friend and look straight ahead with both eyes open. Have a felt tip marker handy! Pupillary Distance PD.

what does pd mean when ordering glasses

You are using an outdated browser. After all, most people have a monocular distance that's the same for each eye, right?

What Is PD And Why Is It Important?

While looking straight ahead, measure the distance from the center of your right pupil to the center of your left pupil. Monocular distance is the distance between the bridge of your nose and one of your pupils, and is expressed as two measurements.

what does pd mean when ordering glasses

Because your pupillary distance isn't a set number, and it's measured in millimeters, it's very difficult to measure it at home without special equipment. Keep your eyes as still as possible. Stand about 8" away from a well-lit mirror.

what does pd mean when ordering glasses

Some measurements may not even be useful for all prescription types, due to the potential difference between one eye's measurement and the other. Pupillary distance PD measures the distance between the centers of your pupils. Skip main navigation.