What happens at a passport interview

They're more likely to be asked who you bank with or who holds your mortgage.

Q&A: passport interviews

Given there are no further questions, you should be sent your first UK adult passport via secure courier within 14 days of the interview. You will know if you have been asked, as you will receive a letter from HM Passport Office requiring you to phone and arrange an appointment at a passport interview office.

What if you don't know something they think you should, like your mother's full date of birth? And what about those with learning or language difficulties?

what happens at a passport interview

Questioning might focus on you as a person: Search gov. EPA The passport interview is not their to trick you or catch you out. This means your application will take longer.

Passport interview: Questions you might be asked when applying for a first adult passport

Your letter will inform you whether you need an interview or not. Do not book any travel arrangements until you have received your new passport. While you can choose the office you go to, you may not be given the exact time or date you want. This website is not compatible with your web browser. Will I have to be interviewed? Why do we need interviews at all?

what happens at a passport interview

What is the timeframe for the new procedure? If you are applying for a passport for the first time and you are 16 years old or over, you will need to arrange an interview. This has thrown many people in the trial interviews — particularly young people whose application form was filled in by a parent or guardian.

what happens at a passport interview

The scheme is being rolled out gradually nationwide until 2008, when interviews for first-time applicants will become obligatory. You might even get asked about your previous nationality and passport, or questions relating to your counter signatory. If you live in a remote part of the UK, you may be able to arrange an interview closer to where you live.