What is deeded garage

what is deeded garage

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Q&A: Assignment of Parking Spaces

At the next HOA meeting, condo owners will decide whether or not to assign parking spaces. There should be a contract of some sort that describes who gets what spaces.

what is deeded garage

Thank you for posting such detailed answers. Laws may vary from state to state, and sometimes change. One last thought: A word of caution: This might not be an easy one to resolve — and things might not go your way.

what is deeded garage

Your title insurance agent should be able to help you sort out these issues, and review the condominium map and recorded documents so you are more comfortable with your purchase.

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what is deeded garage

Mark Pearlstein is a Chicago lawyer who specializes in condominium law. The board members do have the right tomake decisions of elected members and some restricted decisions to maintain the Condos.

Deeded versus assigned: Is parking created equal?

You might want to get a lawyer involved to review your rights and give you an opinion in a case like this. However, if you have an assignment from the association who owns the common areas to use the second spot, then you have the permission to use it as long as it remains in effect.

Income from sources other than assessments, including interest, clubhouse rental and other miscellaneous items, should be referenced in the budget.

what is deeded garage

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