What is pancreatic acinar atrophy

Famula , PhD David A.

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Online access to the content you have requested requires one of the following:. Choose from the following options: The clinical history of each GSD enrolled in the study was recorded, and serum samples for canine trypsinlike immunoreactivity cTLI analysis were collected from 102 dogs. American Journal of Veterinary Research - 63 10: A total of 19 dogs 14.

what is pancreatic acinar atrophy

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what is pancreatic acinar atrophy

Vose , BA. Animals —135 GSDs belonging to 2 multigenerational pedigrees.

what is pancreatic acinar atrophy

Sign in. Inheritance of pancreatic acinar atrophy in German Shepherd Dogs E.

what is pancreatic acinar atrophy

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what is pancreatic acinar atrophy

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Forgotten your password? Murphy, Thomas R. Results —Pedigree I consisted of 59 dogs and pedigree II of 76 dogs. Of the 19 dogs with EPI, 8 were male and 11 were female. An Individual Subscription to the journal grants: Stankovics, and Amy S. Murphy , PhD Thomas R.

Am J Vet Res 2002;63: