What you need entombed corvette

Barrett-Jackson to Offer the 1954 ‘Entombed’ Corvette at its January Auction

Full Screen. I cant wait to see what it sells for.

what you need entombed corvette

Cal Faber January 19, 2016 6: The 1955 convertible Lot 1351 , wearing a Polo White exterior, features a 265ci V8 engine and scored a 99. Subscribe to Robb Report today and enjoy Free digital access.

what you need entombed corvette

Selling at no reserve, the Peterbilt beauty could be all yours when it goes up on the auction block. Because of the.

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I think it will be just as exciting to see these cars pass on to the next set of owners, who will help carry on and preserve these amazing Corvette legacies. Some of Silodrome's advertisers may use cookies.

ENTOMBED What You Need

Cleaned Up Nice! It was covered on local news and she along with the workers was the first to see the car, she had it moved to her home in Daytona Beach where she kept it on display in her livingroom for 10 years.

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what you need entombed corvette

Don't post your car for sale in the comments. American Motorcycles Racing.

what you need entombed corvette

This is absolutely amazing. The interior is in exceptional condition after all these years and almost looks like new.

what you need entombed corvette

He originally left orders in his will that the car remain sealed in brick until the year 2000, but later voided the will before he passed away in 1969. All rights reserved. Neat to see that car still survives! Or his stunt double, anyway, which is just as good in our eyes.