When 2 or more are gathered together

Matthew 18: Zechariah 2: Thank u sooooo much for being there for all us non biblical savvy humans!!!!

when 2 or more are gathered together

Not this weak one here in America. Any insights for our further Berean study on this issue would be greatly appreciated. These first two steps involve only the affected parties plus the two or three witnesses.

Equipping Disciples

Jesus instructs his disciples that if one believes another has sinned against them, the first step is to talk it out between themselves, privately verse 15. His body: With all that being said, I believe that God is looking at our hearts.

when 2 or more are gathered together

We have too much self-righteousness and not enough compassion. Webster's Bible Translation For where two or three are assembled in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

when 2 or more are gathered together

No matter what the outcome of the situation s you are dealing with, trust God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength. Thank you for clarifying this misused verse.

Two Or Three Gathered Together

Nor should we use this misreading of the Bible, aided by other misreadings and mistranslations, to make excuses for or cover over poor or low attendance. Your post did make me take a closer look at the verses and i found your post wanting in both content and delivery. Unless I have good reasons to believe otherwise, I try to give the writer the benefit of the doubt.

Well, I just about wrote it down on a txt to a friend!


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when 2 or more are gathered together