Where to get carabini mail ff9 ozma

His trance will be very useful though 9999 damage for free.

Final Fantasy IX - Ozma Battle Tips/FAQ

If you gave friendly Yan a diamond, it will damage Ozma, otherwise it will heal him. To Ozma and Back 205 40 Defeat Ozma.

where to get carabini mail ff9 ozma

Start with Zidane since he is your strongest character, then move to Eiko, Steiner, and Quina in that order. I don't know how people view that, but its ridiculous to me. Last edited by Dwight ; 19 May, 2016 3: Steiner should use his special ability Shock each round.

Ozma (Final Fantasy IX)

To reach the garden, you'll need to find its current location its five possible locations are shown as dots on our handy Chocobo Map and use a Dead Pepper.

Pike Cricket Song author: Not want say the tip is useless, but it's "already known".

where to get carabini mail ff9 ozma

And that's also why I ask people like you to go elsewhere. When considering the party members' abilities, it is useful to equip status-protection skills, such as Antibody to block Poison, and Clear Headed to block Confuse, while characters who are predominantly physical attackers will also benefit from Bright Eyes to block Blind.

where to get carabini mail ff9 ozma

As stated above, Quina's Angel Snack will remove it from all party members. The time now is 01: Elemental Resistence. Because damage from Dragon's Crest is fixed, Freya can do good damage even in Mini status.

where to get carabini mail ff9 ozma

Things to do: If the player has a Dark Matter , throwing it at Ozma deals 9999 damage. Quina's Angel's Snack will heal Mini off of the whole party. Bring Freya.