Who are the 13 indigenous grandmothers

Heroes: International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Support fearless, uncompromising journalism at Intercontinental Cry! Aida Musician and Producer Mutamassik dedicates a song to her grandmother, who was forced to give up her dream of becoming a doctor. Meet Adela. Your participation in this virtual gathering will also support the 13 Grandmothers in their upcoming travels, in which they promote peace and good relationships, engage in intercultural and inter-generational dialogue and support traditional knowledge of the homeland they are visiting.

Within a few days of convening, the grandmothers agreed to form a global alliance; to work together to serve both their common goals and their specific local concerns.

who are the 13 indigenous grandmothers

We ask all of you who support this prayer for peace and global movement to help us fulfill our mission. My mother was very brave, very courageous. The International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmother was set in motion by common visions and prophecies seeded decades ago in many people around the world.

who are the 13 indigenous grandmothers

As a caretaker of the patrimony of the Amazonian Traditional Medicine, her intention in this session is to help awaken your memory. Module 7: Reciprocity — Reviving Traditional Ceremony Featuring: Dear relatives, community and friends of the four directions, Our beloved sister Grandmother Julieta Casimiro Estrada closed her eyes for …. So she would make a feast—they gave her money and she would buy food and educate the voters and educate them about who was running for office and what they were asking for.

Interview with Grandma Aggie from the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers

Receive Guidance for Your Role in Healing Mother Earth Over these 7 sessions you will be immersed in the ancient wisdom that the 13 Grandmothers bring at this critical time. How did she help shape the woman you are today? With this session, you can:. Activist Grandmothers.

who are the 13 indigenous grandmothers

Know your fire. Part of this is developing a deeper relationship with the natural elements around us. The larger Shift that is underway requires that we access ancient wisdom, powerful prayer lineages and healing practices to help us address the crises of our modern world — and bring greater harmony and sustainability to our communities, to our people and to our planet.

who are the 13 indigenous grandmothers

Exclusive one-on-one interviews with extraordinary individuals working on behalf of women, children, and families worldwide. International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. All the original peoples of the world have preserved similar knowledge about the elements, and this knowledge guides all their understanding about life: I have become clear that this circle is divinely guided, that the lineages they offer are a key for collective transformation and that they are giving us a profound medicine for our times.

Jyoti Ambassador of The 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. The grandmothers are both women of prayer and women of action. When we first got together we recognized each other, like we had always known each other.