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Nearly 200 passengers stuck on stranded train in Oregon. Wow, a very good read. It depends on which is bigger, the 767 or an Airbus 330.

Story of Gimli Glider set to take flight on the big screen

No, but it should be understandable depending of course on the circumstances. What is also true is that event was truly NOT an every day occasion. It is a true comment on the ability of Man to think and react under pressure. Name required. Bob Pearson has balls of steel. I spent many a summer in Gimli as a kid at my grandparents who had a house there.

A great big piece of pie to Pearson and Quintal with extra whipped cream for staying cool in a tough situation and to the spectators with fire extinguishers for lending a hand. I think that America is the last bastion of Imperial units pounds, ounces, feet, inches, yards etc in the developed world, everyone in Europe is on Metric Metres, Kilograms etc now.

The airplane indeed decelerated, but the reduced airspeed robbed the controls of even more precious hydraulic pressure, requiring Pearson to apply monumental force to try to straighten the slip.

The Gimli Glider

The ground staff tell Pearson and Quintal that the plane has loaded 20,345 kg of fuel, which should be enough to go all the way to Vancouver if needed. Signed — A simple medical office administrator.

In WW2 they sent pilots into battle with little experience in their craft. Flight 174 is good, but missed out many details, due to a lack of research about the region where the flight departed, Montreal, and possible lack of resources. How mollycoddled could you possibly be to not know what f—- refers to?

'Gimli Glider' landing getting the Hollywood treatment

Thanks for posting this, its been a long time since I read about this story. Hospital beds added after admissions spike Air Date: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here... I vividly remember the huge tail of plane sticking out of the hangar as crews worked on patching up the belly and front gear so the plane could fly to Winnipeg for further repairs. As the stick is withdrawn, the float magnet approaches the slowly extracted inner stick with the magnet on its end.

And damn is a curse. This is such a good example of how something so terrible could turn into something so wonderful… for so many people! There are indisputable records of the incident.

Gimli Glider Movie Considered

Are you this verbally confrontational when you are in a room with the person to whom you are speaking? All BA short-haul flights from Heathrow have been cancelled and others delayed. AC143 left 24 minutes late due to the fuel gauge failure.