Who is isaiah rashad twitter

Isaiah Rashad Deletes Twitter, Shares Emotional Instagram Posts

He's shown himself in the studio, and he premiered two unreleased songs on the road In November. But that's about it: Where has Isaiah Rashad been?

who is isaiah rashad twitter

Show Comments. His social media profiles are relatively active, but rarely do they give any palpable information: Sampha, Vince Staples, Isaiah Rashad.

who is isaiah rashad twitter

The following years would include an intense battle with alcohol and Xanax addiction, which almost got him dropped from TDE. Isaiah Rashad previews new music, says no more waits between albums.

Isaiah Rashad - Nelly

Would Isaiah Rashad intentionally isolate himself just to focus on his next album? While there may not be any official titles, album covers, tracklists, or any clear idea of what's on the way, something is about to happen.

who is isaiah rashad twitter

Sure, his IG stories are buzzing right now, but there are only seven photos on his timeline from last year. Also, what will this album be about? But Zay has barely been heard, musically, since Sun's Tirade: Or was it a coach's decision to keep him away from such huge opportunities for the TDE roster?

Where has Isaiah Rashad been?

In April 2017, he made a promise: New album coming soon. Both seemed like red flags.

who is isaiah rashad twitter

Revolt 06: Music Video Roundup: Isaiah Rashad.