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We will hear the First Suite, the longest and most substantial of the two. Alfred Wick Mr.

The Family Series showcases classical music to families in a fun, relaxed setting. In the words of Soviet musicologist Dmitri Rabinovich: Vivian Purvis David Quilhot Mr.

He has also received numerous prizes for his compositions, including first prize in the National Flute Association New Publications Competition for The Song of the Lark. To contribute, please contact the Development Office at 481-0775.

Sorg Mr. He has also served as Principal Oboist of the Illinois Symphony Orchestra since 2009, where he is regularly featured as a soloist. Petersburg Philharmonic in Russia. Scott Miller Dr. This led to a series of engagements and further study at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena and a year working as assistant conductor for the late Giuseppe Sinopoli.

Sponsored by Robert J. The great and the small of the earth, the kings and the beggars, the just and the godless, all press forward.

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Brennan John P. Ford Mr. Certainly a jazz flavor is prominent throughout his engaging Suite for Brass Quintet, composed in 1960. She received her B. When he finally returned to New York in 1939, Haufrecht continued to be passionately involved in folk music.

Audiences will be seated at elegantly appointed tables set to candlelight, with wine and desserts included in the ticket price. In the Second, he embraced the Christian promise of resurrection. The instruments are maintained by the Friends and may be used for school music classes or private lessons. First comes a scherzo, a romping dance for clowns that finally darkens and slows to lead into the fourth-position Largo.

Thank you for shaping and enriching the lives of countless people, for inspiring and encouraging audiences, and for singing passionately. Gerry Kaufman Dr. O Death, conqueror of all things!