Art rave whats up with that

The Aftermath opinion in Gaga Thoughts. The dress in the background is the "Cipher" dress, which, inspired by early 20th German architecture and the Bauhaus movement, has animated black mirrors that can animate any sequence using a state-of-the-art servo motor. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Before the artRave even began, Gaga held a press conference to unveil Volantis, billed as "the world's first flying dress. At the other end, towering above everything, stood Jeff Koons' gargantuan sculpture of Gaga, depicted naked, legs spread, with one of Koons' trademark gazing balls in her crotch.

Lady Gaga’s Art Rave — a Pop Artist in Search of Something Bigger

Once Rihanna opened the floodgates, she was followed, to varying degrees, by Perry, Daft Punk , Kanye West , Boards of Canada , Jay-Z , Thirty Seconds to Mars , and countless others competing for ears, eyes, pageviews, likes, followers, and, of course, those rapidly dwindling dollars. And you know what?

art rave whats up with that

Sober, Gaga was still at her outlandish peak. Oh my god. The beginning of the current deluge can arguably be traced back to last fall's Rihanna 777 fiasco ; perhaps, when the history books are written, we will look back on the 12 months between RihannaPlane and ArtRave as a kind of golden age of music advertising, and a TV show will be made about, oh I don't know, the millennial Don Draper who thought up Katy Perry's Prism truck.

But more than any other current pop star, Lady Gaga understands the value of a good stunt. She killed it.

Lady Gaga's artRave: The Beginning of the End of the Extravagant Album Launch?

Forgot your password? Clean Bandit - Mama feat. It can be watched in full on Vevo.

art rave whats up with that

But 2013 has seen such a high concentration of gimmicks, treasure hunts, and "mysteries" that it's hard to imagine how this can all be sustainable—especially considering the fact that revenue streams for musicians are drying up exponentially with each passing day. I can sit with my thoughts and not feel crazy.

She kind of is. The idea was clearly to be in control of it — wrist bands were checked even on the Brooklyn side of the water. I am slayed: Sign in anonymously. Anyone else disappointed by the Oscar performance?

art rave whats up with that

That was it. This is an all-inclusive rave. No Articles Found. It roared to life and lurched forward a few feet, hovering. Can she stop screeching like that..

art rave whats up with that

DJ White Shadow and Madeon spinned, she performed, and drinks flowed. Your silence is my favorite sound.