Blanching whole cabbage sauerkraut

Freezing cabbage instead of blanching to make stuffed cabbage?

Blanched frozen cabbage will keep for up to 10 to 12 months. Mixed roasted vegetables with blue cheese sauce. What's in season: Braised feather blade beef with roasted vegetables. Package and seal as above. Braised red cabbage. Picking tips How to can, freeze, make jam, etc. Share 41. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Grilled salad.

Using this method for the cabbage thanks. No splits and so easy. Exploring Italian vegetables. Video from How To Follow. Canning, freezing, sauces Make sauces, salsa, chutneys How to make homemade icecream How to make pies, cobblers FAQs - Answers to questions Canning tips for newbies. Caldo verde de Cajamarca — Cajamarca's green soup.

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How to blanch cabbage

Pack into resealable bags or a container. Place the head of cabbage in the water with the fork and turn it all around to blanch the outer leaves. Additional note: Yes No.

blanching whole cabbage sauerkraut

This comment has been deleted. There will be about 20 leaves, some of them technicolor green, others yellow.

Technique: How to blanch cabbage for rolls

Answer this question Flag as... Simply put it in the freezer the day before then thaw under running water and they will peel apart like a breeze.

blanching whole cabbage sauerkraut

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blanching whole cabbage sauerkraut