Gun x sword how old is wendy

Wendy Garett

Wendy with Van. Senior Citizens Who Kick Ass.

gun x sword how old is wendy

He was waiting for her. He does not quit being a sweet little ray of genius sunlight, even when Van pretty much tells him to shut up most of the time.

Wendy Garret

A flashback sequence reveals badass Carmen as a kid, hanging with her bestie. CounterGARdian posted... Him saving her, her saving him, usually by dragging his carcass along somewhere and complaining about how heavy he is.

Didn't ever think that an always sleeping guy even in the cockpit could be an Ace in the Hole at most crucial times, providing great asset in the final battle. Look at the Claw Man's intention.

gun x sword how old is wendy

She gets annoyed. Intricately etched into the pistol's handle is the name of her brother, "Michael Garett".

Wendy from Gun X Sword

Joshua is hopeful, cheerful, innovative, and terribly clueless about girls. Carmen has a big heart, a head for information brokering her chosen trade , and resists overtly showing affection, although she shows through her actions how much she truly does care. Throughout their journey, Wendy appears to have grown a fond heart toward Van.

gun x sword how old is wendy

An unusual feature about Wendy is that she's always wearing a gun in a holster about her back. Nobody asked you to die for them, Claw Man!

gun x sword how old is wendy

Your head, Ray. Or he took the Prison Planet Spaceship to recover? Sounds similiar to William Will Woo? You rock, lady!

gun x sword how old is wendy

Healthier behaviors and relationships are rewarded.