How to beat the wyvern terraria wiki

how to beat the wyvern terraria wiki

Get a relatively powerful flail Sunfury or a Dao of Pow for melee, piercing weapons for range and magic. The Star Cannon's damage and rate of fire are comparable to the best available Hardmode firearms.

Terraria - How To Kill Arch Wyverns Easily!

Simply use a weapon of one's choice, and healing with the nurse whenever health is low Try to stand 10 blocks away so the nurse doesn't die while the Wyvern is attacking.

After Hard Mode activates, the Corruption and Hallow will spread so quickly that you'll need this buffer to prevent your headquarters from being overrun. This simple arrow-firing Weapon deals decent damage and is readily constructed from materials available after smashing a single Demon Altar.

how to beat the wyvern terraria wiki

Unfortunately, it turns out that Unicorns are jerks. Contents [ show ]. Wings may be supplemented by Rocket Boots and Spectre Boots to increase flight time and distance. The Twins Unlock Last Edited: When the green fireball is about to hit the player. The reason why is because Retinazer shots lazers from its eyes slowly at first, but, when reduced to low health, will shoot lazers at the player very rapidly.

He's in trouble! Make a Skybridge in the atmosphere where gravity has less effect. The Hardmode bosses are largely endurance matches which some players may find frustrating and irritating. The Megashark requires four components to craft:.

The three Hardmode bosses are immensely more powerful than the previous four. Hardmode has less of a linear focus than the previous section of the game. He deals megatons of damage and has so much Health that it is difficult to destroy him between dusk and dawn. Start a Wiki.

how to beat the wyvern terraria wiki

Lots of trouble. These include the Angel Wings and Demon Wings. Since the denizens of the Hallow are such terrible hosts, you shouldn't feel bad for harvesting their organs to build cool gear. However, this stragety provided can make the difficulty of this boss much more bearable then otherwise.

Arch Wyvern

Early on, a Minishark and plenty of high-end ammunition will see you through if you're conservative, but you'll want to upgrade your weapon as soon as you can. You can assign and check the suitability of rooms via the housing menu. The rapid spread of the Hallow and Corruption means you'll be forced to take new, sometimes tedious measures for containment. These will serve as your combat zone. The Wyvern has a specific attack pattern; it will dash straight at the player when it spawns, with a slight tracking behavior.

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