How to cut half a rockmelons

Food and beverage product trends: Sixth person dies from listeria outbreak. Connect with ABC News.

Rockmelon crisis talks after contaminated fruit linked to two deaths

I told you I love my globals!!!! USDA recommends households just to use plain water and a brush It is a low acid fruit with lots of sugar and available water.

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how to cut half a rockmelons

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Melons: Prepare and store properly for safe consumption

I've been posting Instructables since the site's inception, and now build other things at Autodesk. Cara Jeffery. George Pell's conviction for child sex offences is one of biggest court decisions in Australia in recent years, and it's likely to have some major ramifications around the world. Should I be worried?

how to cut half a rockmelons

This technique is pretty much universal, though. Always wash melons and your other produce completely. You never cut with your arms toward yourself, i.

how to cut half a rockmelons

Storing Ripe, Uncut Melons Despite their hardy appearance, melons are quite perishable. Share this: Nineteen people were overall affected. If you are working with a large watermelon, I frequently slice into the watermelon horizontally first to create even thinner pieces.

How to Cut a Melon

I have converted many a people to doing it this way! Because god knows where it has been. Woolworths ripped rockmelons from shelves on Saturday and is offering customers refunds if they return the fruit with a receipt. I am hoping that these tutorials will be a way for people to better battle those difficult tasks of slicing and dicing!

how to cut half a rockmelons

Perhaps you can even teach them a trick or two about cutting a melon! Leaders of Australia's melon industry will be meeting with supermarkets today to discuss strategies to get rockmelon back on shelves. The concept…or technique is the same for all and once you nail it down you will be sure to impress all your friends with your super neat knife skills.