How to get perfectly shaped brows

If you have wide-set eyes, space your brows a little closer together. It does mean to clean up the excess hair to better frame your eyes.

how to get perfectly shaped brows

For a friendlier effect, remove a few hairs from the top of the arch. It's no big deal.

how to get perfectly shaped brows

Spray your finger with hair spray and wipe it across your brow. Then it might take a year or more.

how to get perfectly shaped brows

This helps to balance your features. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 51. A Anonymous Mar 14, 2017. Removing bulk from your brows doesn't always mean pruning them.

Eyebrow Shaping 101: Pluck the Perfect Eyebrows

Then do the same with strays beneath your arch and beyond the end of the tail. These type of eyebrows can make you seem angry, says Gafni. Scraping, bleeding or even scarring can result if you get a little too forceful with your tweezers.

In general, the beginning of your eyebrows should line up with the inside corner of your eye.

How to Reshape Eyebrows: 12 Tips from the Pros

If you don't have brow gel, you can use hairspray instead. Shape Your Arch.

Perfect Eyebrow Shapes for Your Face - Wishtrend TV

Your best bet is to go to a professional rather than trying it at home although, if you do, make sure to use a nice vegetable dye. This method is used for finding the ideal place for your eyebrow to arch.

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how to get perfectly shaped brows

Using a spoolie brush, comb up the inner half of your brows and trim any hairs that extend far past the top. Don't Use Ice to Numb Skin. If you're looking for tips for men different rules apply , check out: For the most natural look, select an eyebrow pencil 1 or 2 shades lighter than the natural color of your brows.