How to in dent html lists

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how to in dent html lists

For example, try the following first problem for this lesson. Instead, they enforce the indentation through styles set on the UL element-- and that's where they part ways. You can do this:.

how to in dent html lists

Note that these terms are not indented. I haven't run into any place to use it quite yet, but you have it if you need it. For example, if you declare that lists have no left margin, they move over in Internet Explorer, but sit stubbornly in place in Gecko-based browsers.

Dig this:.

how to in dent html lists

There are times when you want to control the numbering of ordered lists. But the ampersand command can also be cumbersome to work with.

HTML Lists

By making this one change, we can convert the unordered list in our previous example into an ordered list. An ordered list, created using the OL element, should contain information where order should be emphasized, as in a recipe:. Use the list commands and present information to your readers in a smoother fashion than writing long drawn out paragraphs with a lot of detail.

Tutorials, references, and examples are constantly reviewed to avoid errors, but we cannot warrant full correctness of all content. The difference is entirely in how the UL is styled. Post as a guest Name.

So You Want Indents and Lists, Huh?

Remember, though, that in so doing, you'll have the bullets hanging outside the list and its parent element. When that list is rendered, it will be displayed in such a way that the relationships between the terms dt and values dd are clear.

how to in dent html lists

Easy now there fellah, you can have your list and squares too. You can also use html to override the css locally.

how to in dent html lists

Like so:. For the UL element, possible values for the type attribute are disc , square , and circle.