How to make outdoor christmas carolers

The carolers are weather-resistant and may be used indoors or out. Share this: Toy Soldiers. It typically takes a little over a week to decorate the entire Village. The LED Christmas displays are energy-efficient and make an excellent addition to any private home, drive-through or commercial holiday display. Katy Conlin. Add to Basket.

how to make outdoor christmas carolers

DIY , Holidays , Winter. Many people contribute, which adds to our cozy family-friendly feel.

how to make outdoor christmas carolers

Get creative! Use wood primer to prime the entire wood block especially if using outdoors.

The holiday carolers are designed to enhance any Christmas display and may be purchased individually or as part of a set from Christmas Night Inc. Pick clothes. The life-sized statues are dressed in traditional Victorian clothing and are posed with songbooks.

This will also help secure the hair. Have fun with this project, make them your own. We opted to have ours looking like they are in the prayer position or holding their song sheets.

how to make outdoor christmas carolers

Nail or staple the shirt on in the back and pull the sleeves into a prayer position in the front and nail them to the wood block. Paint flesh tone paint on the top half of block bottom half will be covered in clothing. Stands for installations on hard surfaces are also available for an additional charge. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

Get Crafty with DIY Holiday Carolers

Use college sweatshirts for a collegiate theme or ugly Christmas sweaters for a little whimsy. The vibrant painted details and high-quality craftsmanship are evident in each piece.

Go to your favorite craft store to find hair yarn or cut up a wig…be creative. The durable, all-weather figures are available as painted statues or standing light displays. Nativity Stables. Follow Us.

The base of each caroler contains metal security plates for easy attachment to the ground.