How to plan health fair

Communicate with everyone 1 month before the fair and again 1 week before the fair. A stand alone static bike with smoothie maker attached encourages activity, is great fun and most of all engaging.

how to plan health fair

Related Questions. Once the event is finished, our team will break down and clear away, leaving you to enjoy the benefits from your health fair.

Planning a Health Fair Event

Find sponsors. Pillory Barn Creative. It is also very dangerous to have vendors bringing in their supplies after the event has filled with employees.

how to plan health fair

You could charge a small fee to cover the cost of your expenses if necessary, but you shouldn't be making a profit or anything. Then branch out: Your budget Location and accessibility Promote your wellbeing ideas to leadership and managers well in advance and ensure you have their support.

how to plan health fair

Employers carefully select the vendors that they wish to expose their employees to, so getting your business involved in a health fair already gives you a leg up over outside competition. Login Here Email Address: In most cases, employers will not allow late vendors to participate. Employers plan health fairs for their employees to promote access to wellness education and services.

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how to plan health fair

Assemble a team of volunteer Coordinators staff or members. Great fun and engaging.

Planning a Health Fair: Step by Step

Send out a confirmation to vendors who have agreed to participate. With their expert knowledge and skills, the Wellbeing People Team will engage your employees with the various wellbeing activities throughout the day. Learn more... If you do not hear back, the answer was no.

how to plan health fair

Take a look. Send an initial letter announcing the event and its sponsors. Upload a picture for other readers to see. Upload error. It probably goes without saying, but if you have made a commitment to be part of a health fair then make sure you are planning to actually attend. Tips If this is your first health fair, pay special attention to getting the word out about it in your community.

Vendor Tips for Health Fair Success

Identify a guest speaker for opening remarks at the kick-off ceremony. One week before the event, make a table layout map that shows vendor locations.

Maintain a folder for each of the planning areas.